Afromatik is out now!

By Gil Perez Free Download, Kambada, Music, Releases

Matik is a track with multiple versions. This afro remix is the latest of them. It started as a remix for Branko which can be heard here. Then it became a remix for Gregor Salto. Finally decided to make Matik… and after that Afromatik.

Gil Perez – Afromatik is now available for download and stream. Choose your favourite service (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music) by hitting the button below.


You can get Afromatik for free using your Soundcloud account to download it from Toneden. More information by clicking the button below:


Afromatik is already supported by Gregor Salto


Curious to hear the remix for Gregor Salto? Check it out:

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