Poison is out now!

By Gil Perez Kambada, Music, Releases

This track is almost 7 years old. Started it in 2009 but in all this time never got around to finish it.Poison is the first of some unfinished tracks from the last couple of years I finally finished.

At the time I was really into mixing Dirty Dutch with Afro Beats, and Afrojack’s Take Over Control showed me how I could throw melody and harmony to the mix.

Gil Perez – Poison is now available for download and stream. Choose your favourite service (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music) by hitting the button below.


You can get Poison (Radio Edit and Extended Mix) for free using your Spotify account to download it from Toneden. More information by clicking the button below:


The talented Philipa Rabbit made a lovely piano cover of the track, check it out:

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